Our sublimated wristband are made of finest poliester

Every single ribbon is checked by our team for quality standards. We print costumer’s project on one side or both, using only the highest quality ink. It comes in two different width-10mm and 15mm-so its easy to fit every logo. After sublimation imprint is very durable and hard to damage, which makes this product perfect for music festivals etc.

100% finest poliester


bulk(250psc/polybag-5000psc/cnt 30x40x50cm)

Extra Paid:
individual polybag
 individual polybag +sticker
individual polybag+carton card

Possible closures

Pick one that suits you!

Ways we can pack this for you!

Individual polybag

We pack each wristband into polybag. Then we put it all together in carton box. We can also put a stiker on polybag.


We pack 250psc in to one polybag, then 20 of those we put into carton box.

Carton card

Each wristband we put into polybag with carton card

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