Multifunctional neck warmer/neck chimney/bandana/scarf/buff has many different names

It is an extremely useful part of clothing during outdoor activity.
Elastic, soft-touch fabric and seamless material finish does not irritate the skin and provides the comfort of use.
Many ways to wear make it suitable for different situations.

100% PES, 140 g/m2

50cm x 24-25cm

– individual polybag

Extra paid:
– individual polybag  with sticker
– carton card and individual polybag

Ways to make your custom nazwa produktu

The functionality of the head warmer allows for various applications and protects individual parts of the body against bad weather conditions. The bandana can be worn in many different ways like:
hat or beanie, a headband, a neck chimney, a balaclava or a hairband and many, many more….
Arms and neck are more exposed to chill and wind during cold days.
You can protect them as well as ears, cheeks and whole head, depending on the way you use it.

We offer a scarf with client’s individual design. We use the sublimation printing method. For the project, client can provide us only a logo (then we will decide on the color of the background toghether) or a graphic that will cover the entire surface of the scarf.

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